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Periscope: The Future Of Mobile Streaming

First look review of periscope, the new online mobile streaming service by twitter.

Mobile streaming is something that got introduced recently and has taken the technology world by storm. Within a few weeks of the introduction of mobile streaming, twitter saw the potential in the platform and introduced the now very famous app called "periscope".

Although this app only allows you to share what is happening right now but you can also save your streams for later views thanks to the save stream feature the app provides.

Overview Of Periscope 

When you start the application for the first time, you get to see very colorful, introductory cards that help in explaining the basics of the application and also give you  a step by step guide on how to activate your phone's required functions for the app to work like the camera, microphone and location services..

The app's tutorial is very user friendly and simple to understand, much better than the annoying pop-up that come off and on in other applications you use for the first time.

Although this platform is owned by Twitter, you still decide who to follow and also suggest the popular users that you might want to follow, unlike Meerkat that used to automatically follow people for you which was obviously very annoying. Periscope gives you the right to choose who you want to follow.

The app notifies you by default if someone you follow on Twitter joins Periscope and also if someone who is on your periscope starts a live stream.

You can add more friends and also update your profile by moving to the people's section in the application. You also have the option to follow people on Periscope even if you do not follow them on Twitter.

The main difference between Periscope and Meerkat is that Periscope allows you to save your streams, which can be viewed later by people who have missed the live stream. The main page of the application shows you both the live streams and the streams that have already ended, giving you a chance to review the stream once it has ended. However, if you do not want to keep the replay of your stream, the application allows you to remove the replay option as well.

With the recent update the application shows  you streams that you have already watched, featured streams and streams from people you follow on Periscope. This method allows you to put the most relevant content upfront. However, interesting streams on Periscope from people who you  do not follow can be seen form the global tab. A quick swipe through the tab allows you to see the latest streams from around the world. The overall user experience of the application is extremely addictive.

Streaming Through Periscope

When you set up a stream, your viewers get to see what you see. The stream completely occupies your mobile screen. Before you setup a broadcast are given the option to toggle your location information, tweet the stream with a browser link or host a private session with a selected group of your followers. With the latest update you have the option to restrict the commenting and also only giving the right to comment to the viewers who follow you.


This is a good way to keep the conversation focus, the streaming also has the option to tap a comment and block the individual who may have said something out of the line.

The number of viewers of the stream is indicated at the right hand corner of the screen. The overall experience of the stream is indicated at the right corner of the screen. The overall experience of the stream is clutter-free and clean unlike the cramped experience that was offered by Meerkat. The functionality of the application is also kept really simple; double tapping the screen helps you toggle between camera views while if you want to stop the broadcast all you need to do is pull down on a hidden tray to reveal it.

As a viewer you get the same clean interface in the periscope app that the broadcaster enjoys. The viewers have different options available to them; double tapping the screen makes little hearts appear and the more you tap the more hearts are given to the broadcaster.

The comments left by the viewers appear in smart little bubbles that disappear in a couple of seconds. As a broadcaster you do not have the option to type back your response to these comments but you can obviously speak out your response on the video. This interaction keeps the interface very neat and tidy.

Periscope allows you to view the stream in a browser, although you will not be able to interact with the host, comment or give hearts. The browser stream however lets the viewers toggle between zoomed-in view and the view between broadcaster's phone view.The developers for the application have also confirmed a landscape mode will be developed soon.

If you are looking to save your streams on your phone, you can do so once you end the broadcast. The application also gives you the option to delete the streams preventing people from replaying the streams. If you are looking to store the streams on your device though, be sure you have ample amount of space available. You phone might fill up quickly if you look to save a multi-hour stream.

The streams available on Periscope server sadly cannot be embedded. If you save a stream to your device you will not be able to see the hearts and comments available on the Periscope server stream.

Although the Periscope application looks like something that is flawless but it does have some glitches, the application has experienced some crashing if a several hours long stream is created. Since the stream crashes in between, the video would be unable to be viewed later from the Periscope servers.

What Can You Expect To Watch On Periscope?

With the release of periscope, every single person who has it in their phone becomes a broadcaster and a reporter. Shortly after the release of the application, the building exploded in the New York's east village and this was reported live via Periscope.

Yes, there were videos, tweets and vines of the disaster on other platforms but live feed of the video via Periscope gained much more attention than the rest. With multiple people having the application installed, you could find the Periscope streams with various angles.

Even the Periscope developers are of the opinion that there are unique journalist opportunities available with the use of this application. You can how the world unfolds in a unique way from the eyes of other people.

Do The Streams Get Boring?

The problem with streaming things daily is that it gets really boring. Mostly the interesting occasion may get over even before we are able to check it. The host may live stream but we may not be able to tune in on time. The best thing about the Periscope application is that it allows the streams to be stored and replayed. This gives the stream life outside the occasion.

However, these streams are to be displayed at your discretion. If you do not want to show the stream to the world you have the option toe delete the stream from being displayed.


Periscope is an application that comes with an exceptionally clean design and is very easy to use. The application has introduced some critical features that make the application user friendly. The option to make comments and send hearts makes each stream interactive allowing the host to get real time responses from the viewers.

The only thing missing in the application right now is the 'Meerkat' functionality to schedule the link before the stream begins. This is the only thing left to be introduced by the application. Otherwise, it is an extremely fun and minimal app to share your moments with others and host interactive streams which both the hosts and the viewers can enjoy.

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